How to Grow a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree From a Seed? 

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It is easy to grow a plant from a seed as long as you understand how to grow a Japanese cherry blossom tree from a seed.

Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree (Shidare-zakura) is one of the most popular and widely planted Japanese trees. These trees have many unique features which makes them very interesting plants. For example, the Japanese Cherry Blossom tree is not only known for its beautiful blossoms but also its unique fruits.

The fruit is the same size as a cherry with a fleshy, juicy, and sweet flavor. The Japanese Cherry Blossom is also called “Sakura” (meaning flower). It is said to be named this way because of the appearance of the blossom.

This tree is a deciduous tree growing from 2 to 10 m tall. The flowers are white and appear in spring every year.

Japanese Cherry Blossom is an ideal tree to plant in gardens because it is easy to grow and maintain. However, the Japanese Cherry Blossom can be grown in any climate. In the United States, the Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree can be found in California, Florida, and Hawaii. Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree has gained a lot of attention since the first time the tree was introduced to America.

If you want to learn how to grow a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree from seed, you will be glad to know that you can find many seeds of this tree in Japan.

How to Grow a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree From a Seed? 

Step 1: Source the right seeds

You’ll need a Japanese Cherry Tree, and it should be in bloom in spring. You can get them at any nursery, or you can order online.

Step 2: Germination

To grow a Japanese Cherry Blossom tree from a seed, you will need to germinate your seeds.  Get a healthy seed from verified seed sellers or online shops.

Step 3: Transplanting

Take the seedlings out of the pots and plant them in suitable potting soil. Plant them in your garden about 8 inches apart.

Step 4: Watering

Water the seeds regularly until they sprout.  Once they sprout you can reduce the watering to every other day or several times a week.

Step 5: Fertilize

When the plants are ready to be fertilized, use a fertilizer that contains about 1/3 nitrogen, 2/3 phosphorous, and 1/3 potassium.

The Perfect Growing Conditions – How to Grow a Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree From a Seed? 

The perfect growing conditions for this plant include:

  • Temperature: The right temperature to grow this tree is between 18 and 26 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity: The humidity level of 60 to 75% is the most ideal condition.
  • Water: You should water the plants every 2 or 3 days with adequate water.
  • Lighting: Your plants will grow best in bright sunlight, but if you can’t get a lot of it, you can use artificial lighting. It is important to keep the lights on your plants during the day. The light that your plants get will make them grow faster.
  • Fertilizer: You should feed your plants once every two weeks with fertilizer. USe compost manure or compost tea, or a balanced organic fertilizer. Avoid fertilizers that are high in phosphorous (Phosphoric acid). They can damage the roots.
  • Pruning: Prune the new growth on your indoor plants so that they will grow better. Remove suckers and dead leaves from indoor plants. Lighting: To maintain proper light levels for your indoor plants, use fluorescent bulbs in a cool room. Change the bulb every six months. Watering: Your indoor plants may need to be watered more often than your outdoor plants.
  • Soil: The soil should be rich, fertile, and well-drained. Keep it moist but not wet. If you are using potting soil, use good quality soil and not one with peat moss.

Care and Maintenance of Growing Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree

Japanese cherry blossom trees are beautiful flowers that have been planted in many places around the world. Japanese cherries are a member of the genus Prunus and belong to the Rosaceae family. The blooming period of Japanese cherry blossoms is usually from late March to early April, and the flowers are usually white, pink, or red.

Since Japanese cherry blossoms are planted in many countries around the world, it is important to take care of them. If you live in an area where the weather is cool, you should not put your Japanese cherry blossom trees on the ground until the temperature reaches at least 50 degrees F.

When you plant Japanese cherry blossom trees, you should water them regularly. In general, you should water your Japanese cherry blossom trees once every two weeks during the first year, and then once every week for the next few years. However, if you have a drought-prone area, you should water your Japanese cherry blossom trees less frequently.

How long does it take for Japanese cherry blossom trees to grow

Take Home

This guide will provide you with all the info you need on how to grow a Japanese cherry blossom tree from a seed.  If you are looking for growing this tree from seed, then read on. This guide will show you everything you need to know about how to grow a Japanese cherry blossom tree from seed.

Frequently Asked questions

Are Japanese cherry blossoms hard to grow?

Yes, they are. It is very difficult for the flowers to bloom when it is too cold because the petals of cherry blossoms start to fall off due to cold. In order to grow cherry blossoms in Japan, we need a warm climate, such as Okinawa or Kyushu.

How long does it take for cherry blossom seeds to sprout?

Cherry blossom seeds will sprout in about 2 weeks if the temperature is about 15°C.

How long does it take for Japanese cherry blossom trees to grow?

About 6 years. The Japanese cherry blossom trees grow at a rate of 1 cm per year.

Can I plant a cherry blossom tree in my garden?

Yes, you can. In Japan, we can only have Japanese cherry blossoms in Japanese gardens and parks.  Cherry blossoms fall because it is too cold. They begin to fall when the temperature reaches 15°C.