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A space for those who wanna “get into gardening” – but have no clue where to start. Discover what’s so great about the Great Outdoors with this simple mission…

Grow More. Live More.

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from two former plant killers

Gardening is amazing. It keeps you fit, boosts your mood and helps you beat the Jones’. (The smug bastards.) Plus, it’s for EVERYONE – no matter how old you are, where you live or what you earn.

At GZ, we say: Mucky Hands = Happy Life. But it ain’t easy at first – we should know, we’ve murdered our fair share of plants. After a few misfires, we finally learned to grow stuff. Which helped US grow. So we can help YOU grow, too. Happy days.

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Why Should I Care?

'Cos it’s easy to get stuck in the weeds. We'll guide you through the muddy world of gardening – with REAL advice that's easy to follow.

Save the horticultural snobbery (and boring Latin plant names). Enjoy simple tips instead.

Gardening websites can be super-intimidating, especially for beginners. That’s why we do plenty of research – so you don’t have to. We also talk to experts and use our own experiences to deliver you little packets of plant-based wisdom. Making it easy, even fun, to get started.

Gardening basics

Looking out on an empty garden is a little bit like a writer looking at an empty page. The potential is huge but the toughest part is knowing where to being. Well, everyone has to start somewhere and we are here to help. Click around and let us help you get started on your gardening journey.

Gardening & good health

Despite increasing wealth the world seems to us to be getting sicker, angrier and less joyful. Kids have no idea where their food comes from, the climate is in crises and adults are feeling lost and cut off from society. Believe it or not gardening can fix so many of these issues. 


Garden tools

We all know a bad workman blames his tools (we do all know that right?). But let’s face it, good tools can make a tough job a lot easier. Especially if the job is digging a big hole or cleaning a patio. Take a look around and we will give you the lowdown on our favorite tools.

Garden inspiration

Gardening isn’t just weeding and pruning. No, siree bob, gardening requires imagination and creativity. And that’s exactly what you are going to find on this page. Click around and you’ll soon find your creative juices flowing wetter than a broken watering can.

How does your garden groan

Powerful Garden Puns

OK, so I don’t flash my bald head every day. Sometimes I want to blend in, to protect my scalp from the sun, or to change up my style. Enter my ever-expanding collection of colourful headscarves: now for sale in lightweight bamboo, jersey cotton and sleek silk. Because Alopecia + Colour Therapy = One Happy Baldie. 😉 

Let's grow together

Join the gardening community

We’re actually pretty cool types, believe it or not. No zimmer frames in sight. And we’re happy to help out with whatever horticultural headaches you have. Just pop in your email to get our monthly newsletter and get ready to grow!

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