How to Plant Knockout Roses IN Containers?

Knockout roses are extremely difficult to grow, so they’re typically grown in a greenhouse or other heated area. But this isn’t the case for everyone– some people have containers that they can use as makeshift greenhouses and plant their knockout roses in them. These container gardens need to be watered regularly, but make sure not … Read more

How to Store Tulip Bulbs over Summer?

Tulips are great and all, but if you want to enjoy your bulbs over the long summer months it’s time to think about storing them. Here are some tips for protecting tulip bulbs during their off-season. Tulip bulbs can be stored over summer in a variety of ways. One way to store them is by … Read more

How to Clean Fiddle Leaf Fig Leaves?

Fig leaves are relatively easy to clean with a water sprayer. If dirt gets too deep, the plant can be dipped in boiling water for about 10 minutes and then allowed to drip dry on a towel or paper towels before being put back into its pot. Fiddle leaf fig leaves are a popular plant … Read more

How Long Do Junipers Live?

Junipers are among the fastest growing, most common species of trees in North America. They have many uses and can be found on all types of landscapes. The juniper is also a type of coniferous evergreen tree that has needles which grow singly or as fascicles to form flattened greenish-brown cones called scales. Junipers are … Read more

How to Take Care Of Cut Roses?

Roses are beautiful and they release their fragrance when cut. But what happens with the rose after it has been cut? What if you want to take care of your roses, so that they don’t wilt or die? Let’s find out! Roses are beautiful flowers that come in many colors and sizes. They need sunlight … Read more

How to Get More Blooms on Hydrangea Plants?

The new springtime bloom of your hydrangea plants is great, but the leaves look a little bare. You can use this tutorial to help you out and make sure that all of your blooms are really looking like they mean business! Hydrangeas are one of the most popular flowers that people plant in their gardens. … Read more

How to Cut Back Overgrown Rose Bushes?

Roses are beautiful flowers, but they can also be a burden when their roots grow and take over the garden. If you have an overgrown rose bush in your garden or patio, there is no shame in cutting it back to remove the bulk of its heavy roots and allow for more space. Here’s how … Read more

How Long Do Morning Glory Seeds Last?

Morning Glory seeds are a popular flower that has been used to make tea. The flowers have been traditionally harvested and enjoyed in the morning, while they open up with their bright colors. The “best way to take morning glory seeds” is a question that has been asked before. The answer is simple, the seeds … Read more

How to Trim Mini Roses?

Many people have trouble trimming their mini roses without cutting off too many of the petals, but with a little knowledge and practice you’ll be able to do it in no time. The process is not difficult at all and can make your flowers last much longer. The “how to deadhead miniature roses” is a … Read more

How to Make Crepe Myrtle Bloom?

Sometimes you may need a little bit of help growing your own plants. Luckily, crepe myrtle is pretty easy to grow and will bloom in just six weeks! Here’s how to get started with this plant. Crepe Myrtle buds are not opening, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a beautiful flower. This tutorial will … Read more