How to Winter Caladium Bulbs?

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The caladium is a perennial herbaceous bulb that is native to Madagascar. It produces large, violet-blue flowers in late winter or early spring on erect stems above the leaves. The plants can be grown from seed planted during autumn, overwinter outdoors when temperatures drop below 4 degrees Celsius and indoors at higher temps where it will flower faster.

Caladiums are a popular plant for the home garden. They can be overwintered in pots and will sprout new leaves in the spring.

Do caladiums need to go dormant?

A: Caladiums are a type of plant that need to go dormant in order for them to grow. They will not grow without going dormant first, so they must be put away for a few weeks before they can be planted again.


Caladium bulbs are a popular flower that can be planted in pots during the winter. The process is relatively simple, but you should take the time to follow these steps correctly. Reference: planting caladium bulbs in pots.

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