How to Trim Arborvitaes?

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Arborvitaees are a common tree in North America that can be found everywhere from your backyard to old growth forests. They’re easy to identify by their distinctive leaves, which range between 5 and 10 inches long with wavy edges on the margins of each leaf. Arborvitaees have greenish bark and small white flowers that grow at the ends of branches during late spring or early summer time.

Arborvitae are a type of plant that can be difficult to trim. The best way to trim arborvitae is with a hedge trimmer.

How do I trim the brown off my arborvitae?

A: Arborvitae is a type of evergreen tree that has brown leaves in the winter. To trim the brown off your arborvitae, you can either use scissors or try using a leaf blower to blow away the brown leaves.


Arborvitae are a popular plant that is used in many different ways. They can be trimmed to make them more manageable, but it is not recommended because they will grow back after trimming. Reference: will arborvitae grow back after trimming.

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