How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster In 5 Easy Steps

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If you’re wondering how to make a palm tree grow faster, you’re in the right place! Find the best palm tree growing steps right here.

Palm trees can add a tropical vibe to any backyard. If you want to plant some alongside your fence or close to your pool, you need to follow the right steps to help it grow successfully. 

In this article, I list some reasons you might want to add palm trees to your garden, list the steps for growing them, and share some fun facts you didn’t know about this tree!

Reasons To Plant Palm Trees

Palm trees are fascinating to grow and look at. Here’s some reasons to plant them:

  • Life: Palm trees represent life and will add some to wherever you root them!
  • Versatile: You can grow palm trees directly in soil or place them in pots. Under the right conditions, they grow great indoors and out. If you plant your palms in pots, you can move them around as you like. 
  • Fruit: Some palm trees have edible fruit. The most common are dates and coconuts. 
  • Easy: Palm trees are easy to grow and require little maintenance. If you buy an already established tree, you can simply replant it and watch it grow!
Reasons To Plant Palm Trees

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How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster

Palm trees can successfully grow indoors and outside. No matter where you plant them, you can speed up their growth with some simple tricks, even if you don’t have green fingers!

 To see the best results, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose The Right Location

Location is key! Palm trees grow in tropical climates, and if you don’t live in an area with this weather, you’ll need to find a spot in your yard that mimics it best.

Sunlight is the best energy source for palm trees, and they prefer warm, rich soil with high moisture content. If you’re growing your plant indoors, you’ll have to place it in an area that receives at least 8 hours of sunlight daily, move the pot out, or use artificial lighting. 

Although palm tree variants mature at different paces, the more sunlight yours receive, the better it’ll grow. Never plant your palm tree in a shaded area.

Step 2: Prepare The Palm Roots – How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster

Before you plant your palm tree, you need to prepare its roots.

Trim the roots outwards to help your tree establish itself in the ground faster. A well-established palm tree will grow better!

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How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster

Step 3: Prepare The Soil

Ensure your soil is fuelled with the proper nutrients. 

You can visit your nearest nursery or garden supply store to stock up on soil boosters. This will help you create a rich planting area with ultimate growth conditions. 

Potassium sulfate is a super nutrient you can add to your soil to accelerate the growth speed of your palm trees and increase the number of fruits they produce. 

Palm trees like slightly acidic soil. Ensure that the area you’re planting trees in has a pH of around 6.3. You can use soil acidity test strips to test your soil. 

You should also prepare your ground for excellent drainage. An ideal draining rate is one inch per hour – more than this, and your soil will be too dry.  

Step 4: Planting Your Tree

Dig a hole twice the size of your palm tree roots. Add slow-release palm fertilizer to the hole and work it into the soil. 

Tip your palm tree onto its side and roll it into the prepared hole. Place your tree back upright and fill the hole with soil again. 

You should water your tree immediately after backfilling the soil and daily for the first week.

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Step 5: Aftercare – How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster

You should water your palm tree 2 – 3 times a week, depending on how fast your soil drains. Also, keep in mind that palm trees grow better when watered for longer times at a slower pace.

It’s important to ensure that your indoor and outdoor palm tree has enough water and sufficient draining. Soil that’s too dry will inhibit growth, while too wet soil can lead to root rot. 

You should prune your palm trees in moderation. Only remove dead or damaged leaves below the first quarter of your tree. Use the proper tools like a pole pruner or hand saw. 

Fun Facts About Palm Trees

  • There are more than 2500 palm tree species.
  • Palm trees grow best in hardiness zoned 8 – 10.
  • You can easily grow palm trees in containers and even make them bonsai.
  • Not all palm trees are called palm trees.
  • Some palm tree species don’t bear any fruits. 

In Conclusion, How To Make A Palm Tree Grow Faster

It’s best to buy palm trees from 6 months to 1 year old. These will plant easier and have a better chance of establishing themselves in your soil.

You can also choose potted palm trees and keep them in containers for easy movement or if you’d like your trees directly next to your house or pool.

I hope this article was helpful! If you have more questions about planting palm trees, ask them in the comments.


How long does it take a palm tree to grow?

Under the right conditions, palm trees can grow about one foot yearly. They reach maturity within their first 20 years. Palm trees carry fruit around their 4-year mark.

What is the best fertilizer for palm trees?

Slow-release fertilizers work best for palm trees. It provides nutrients over a long period to ensure your palm tree is continuously fed.

Why is my palm tree not growing?

Your palm tree might have trouble growing if the soil around it is too wet or dry. You should always do a moisture test to ensure your soil is moist enough but has good drainage.

What is the lifespan of a palm tree?

Palm trees can live for decades! The average lifespan of a palm tree is 70 - 80 years, while some species only live up to 40.