How to Divide Bleeding Heart?

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For all its beauty and grace, the heart is a complicated organ. Just as it’s not easy to understand how this vital body part works, it’s also not easy to divide one of these organs into two parts without causing serious damage (or worse). Learn how you can safely cut open your own bleeding hearts in order to give them new life with this handy guide!

The “overgrown bleeding heart” is a plant that will take over any area it’s planted in. It can be divided by cutting the stem and separating the two cut ends, or by digging up the plant and replanting it elsewhere.

How do you divide and transplant bleeding hearts?

A: To divide a bleeding heart, you will need to cut the stem in half. Then, take one of the halves and place it into a pot with moist soil. You can also use wet paper towels or cloths to help keep the soil moist. The other half of the bleeding heart should be placed on top of this and covered with more soil so that it is completely buried.


The “what do bleeding heart roots look like” is a question that has been asked many times. The bleeding heart plant has a root system that divides into smaller and smaller roots as it grows, with the smallest roots being just below the surface of the soil.

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