How Long Will Sunflower Seeds Last?

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A new type of seed has been developed that will last 30 years, but they are expensive and not very popular yet. How long do you think the new seeds would actually last?

The “how long do sunflower seeds last for eating” is a question that can be answered by looking at the expiration date. The shelf life of sunflower seeds is typically 2 years.

Is it good to freeze seeds?

A: Freezing seeds is a good way to preserve them, but it can also be bad for the plants. The freezing process kills off some of the cells in the seed, which means that when you plant it, theres less chance that it will grow.


Sunflower seeds are a great source of protein and nutrients. They can be eaten raw or roasted, but they will last for a long time if kept in the fridge. Reference: do sunflower seeds go bad reddit.

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