How Long Does It Take For an Orange Tree To Grow + A Growth Guide!

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How long does it take for an orange tree to grow from seed or a cutting to a mature tree with ready fruits?

Growing an orange tree is possible if you are willing to try. There are many different ways of growing oranges. Some methods require large amounts of land and space while others can be done in small spaces like a patio or balcony. The steps involved in both forms of growth are very easy to follow.

We recommend that you read the information provided here thoroughly before starting to grow your own orange tree. This article will give you all the information you need to do so.

How Long Does It Take For an Orange Tree To Grow?

Orange trees can be grown from seed. But it takes time before the first fruits appear. The exact period depends on the type of orange you want to grow. Orange trees typically take anywhere between three to five years depending on the type and variety of tree you grow, as well as other environmental factors such as nutrient availability and the climate in which they are grown.

How long it takes for an orange tree to grow can also depend on how the tree was started. You can grow the tree from either seed or cutting. Orange trees that are grown from seed may take longer than those started from a cutting. For this reason, many growers prefer to start with a cutting from a mature tree. Below is a step-by-step guide that you can use to grow your own orange tree from a cutting;

How To Grow an Orange Tree From Cutting

Step 1: Prepare the cutting

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your cutting, this will include pruning the branches and removing any leaves from the base of the tree. The best way to do this is with a sharp knife.

Step 2: Place the cuttings into a pot

After you have removed all of the leaves from the stem of the tree, place the cuttings in a large pot or tray filled with good-quality potting soil. This will help keep the roots cool. You can also use a nursery tray that is designed for growing cuttings.

Place the cuttings into a pot

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Step 3: Water the plants regularly

It is important to water your plant regularly as this will help with root growth and prevent them from drying out.

Step 4: Feed the plant

After a few weeks, you should see some roots growing from the base of the cutting. At this point, it is time to feed your plant. To do this add a teaspoon of liquid fertilizer to the bottom of the pot or tray.

Step 5: Transplant your cutting

Once your cutting has enough roots and leaves, transplant it to its ideal growing location.

Step 6: Protect from frost

During winter, you can place your cutting in a greenhouse or an area with light shade and moisture.  If you have already transplanted it, cover the tree with a blanket to protect it from frost.

Step 7: Feed

Be sure to keep feeding your growing tree every spring and summer to keep it thriving.

Step 8: Re-pot your tree

After a few months, you should notice that the plant has grown and its branches are starting to form. At this point, it is time to repot your plant. When repotting, make sure you remove all of the leaves from the base of the tree.

Caring For an Orange Tree

When growing an orange tree, it is best to take care of it in the following ways;


Like most trees, orange and other citrus trees do well with regular feeding. Fertilize your orange tree every one to two months during the active growing seasons. Use a fertilizer that is specially tailored for the type of tree that you are growing.


When your orange tree is still young, you should water it every other day as they tend to be heavy drinkers at this stage. After it has matured, you can start watering it less frequently.


The orange tree needs to be pruned to keep it healthy. This is so that it will direct the energy it has towards growth and production instead of bushing out and branching. It also helps shape the tree.

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In Summary,

This article not only gives you information on how long it takes for an orange tree to grow, but it also teaches you how to grow your own orange tree from cutting. Remember that you can also grow the tree from seed. So choose the best method for you depending on what you have available to you. This easy to follow guide provides you with very valuable information that has the potential to help you grow your own citrus tree for your own enjoyment or to help you earn some extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fruit tree grows the fastest?

The fastest-growing fruit trees are probably apple, peach and pear. However, a quick Google search will reveal that there is much debate about this - some trees show that they grow faster than others. 

How long does it take to grow a full orange tree?

A full orange tree should take between 2 and 4 years to grow. A good site for an orange tree should be well-drained, with a sunny aspect, and protected from frost. It is not recommended to plant an orange tree in a cold or wet area.

How long does it take to grow a citrus tree?

Citrus trees can be grown in most climates. The time required for a citrus tree to bear fruit depends on the variety. Citrus trees are typically planted at a young age and can be expected to bear fruit within 3 to 5 years.

Do orange trees grow fast?

Orange trees grow slowly and can be expected to bear fruit within 2 to 3 years. They grow best when planted in warm areas with lots of sunlight.