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Gardening is easy. I mean, your Grandad does it and he’s an old man. So it must be easy… right?!​

Wrong. Because ol’ Pops has skills. And gardening is really tough. Well, it is when you start out, anyway!

We discovered this on a fairly small (and quite embarrassing) scale. All we had to do was keep a few houseplants alive in our tiny city centre apartment. We failed. (See, told you it was embarrassing!)

The scale grew much bigger when we upped and moved to the countryside. Suddenly, we had peace ‘n’ quiet, fresh air… and a whole lotta land to try and tame.

andy in the garden
A young Andy
A young Emma

We considered ourselves to be pretty smart. Ish. But we very quickly realised that we weren’t “garden smart”. We had so many questions about everything. Simple beginner stuff, like: How much water is too much water? Why do the snails eat those leaves but not those ones? Why do my tomatoes keep dying?!

It turns out our day jobs of a photographer and copywriter hadn’t exactly prepared us for caring for an array of plants.

After a few false starts, we got into the swing of things. And it became addictive. We got all excited about those first green shoots – and when we ate our first homegrown salad, 100% of it from our own garden, we were hooked.

The thing is, once you start gardening, your entire universe expands. It’s not just about planting a few seeds and waiting. Nope, once you dip your toes in the soil, so to speak, you begin to learn so much more about the natural world. About the seasons. About the incredible creatures we share our lives and our planet with. The fluttering butterflies, the munching caterpillars, the skittish frogs.

The Garden Zoo team today!

It’s a whole new world – to quote a wise Disney character – and it’s yours to explore.

Gardening might seem like a small and personal affair; after all, it’s usually just you and your trowel, right?! But not only does it connect you with the natural world, it opens your eyes to social and economic considerations, too. Like why organic food costs so much. And how growing our own food could help to save the planet.

Once you start to consider these questions, you’ll find yourself connecting with a whole new community of interesting and caring people. That’s why it’s never just about you and your trowel…

When we left the city we were stressed and worn out. In one of our cases, our hair was literally falling out. Gardening helped us to find a new way of life, with much more energy to focus on our project. Without sounding too dramatic, we felt reborn!

Gardening has made us more relaxed, more conscious and more caring about the world around us.

And that’s why we wanted to start this site – to share our love of gardening with the world. To give people the gifts that gardening has given us. To help people reconnect with nature and with their communities so that we can all live happier, more sustainable lives.

Hopefully these pages hold the answers to all your gardening questions, big and small, so that you can get out there and get your hands dirty!

Happy pruning,

Andy & Em
(Mr & Mrs Greenfingers)